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Crisis Management
In today's environment of rapid change and intense competition, only a very thin line often separates business success and failure. Identifying, arresting and then removing the causes of possible failure to restore viability requires a rapid response.

This is where PRIAMUS focuses its efforts. Our specialist services offered protect, rebuild or release stakeholder value locked up in troubled and under-performing businesses.

Services offered

Business review and assessment
  • Independent viability assessment of troubled businesses.
  • Analysis of the recovery options available to the business and its lenders and practical recommendation as to what strategies should be adopted.
Corporate turnaround

Design and implementation of corporate turnaround strategies based on:
  • Detailed diagnostic review and assessment of the troubled business
  • Short-term corrective measures to restore liquidity
  • Long-term corrective measures to restore viability and profitability
Administrations and Receiverships
  • Our professionals can act as office holders in administrations and/or receiverships of troubled companies
Voluntary liquidation
  • Solvent Liquidation is a tried and tested way of releasing the value locked up in companies that have fulfilled their economic purpose or where shareholders have conflicting interests
Restructuring and Schemes of Arrangement

We help companies devise a credible restructuring strategy aimed at boosting the performance of their under performing businesses by:
  • Designing and implementing of changes to the corporate structure of a group of companies to better align the structure with the group's strategic goals, while exploiting relevant tax legislation to limit the tax burden on the group.
  • Design and implementation of financial restructuring of a company or a group of companies through schemes of arrangement with its creditors where applicable.
  • Advising on the rationalization of a company's financial liabilities to bring them into line with the company's underlying performance resulting in improved balance sheet, operational performance and cash flow enhancement.
For further information about our services or if you would like one of our professionals to get in touch with you, please contact us
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